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My Research and Publications in Artificial Intelligence especially Indonesian Computational Linguistics.

ISTTS Computational Linguistics Research Group

About Us

We gather in this group to search, research, and develop existing technology more and more useful covering all aspects of human life. We have a vision and mission to help achieve the goals, as follows:


       Being the best research group that actively contributes in computational linguistics research, text mining, and web mining for Bahasa Indonesia.


  1. Becoming a research center for lecturers and students of Institut Sains dan Teknologi Terpadu Surabaya for technology and science research based on Computational Linguistics, Web Mining, and Text Mining for Bahasa Indonesia.
  2. Researching and developing Computational Linguistics, Mining Web, and Mining Tones for Indonesian language that can be used to help communities at local, national and international levels.
  3. Also participate in the development of computational linguistics, web mining, and text mining in Indonesia.


Dr. Ir. Gunawan, M.Kom.
Head of Computational Linguistics Research Group

Dr. Joan Santoso, M.Kom.
Member of Computational Linguistics Research Group.

Dr. Esther Irawati S., M.Kom.
Member of Computational Linguistics Research Group

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